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Say it, Christopher. For your daughter, Allison

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What if Parrish is a banshee too? I mean, he did show up to the house where Lydia was and started asking her what she was doing there. Maybe he was doing the same exact thing. They can be together and have beautiful banshee babies.


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Happy 22nd birthday Selena Marie Gomez ♥ ( July 22 1992 )

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- the best thing that Nathan Sykes has ever said (via illegalsykes)

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Falling To Pieces

Prompt: The Wanted go to a theme park and Tom drags Nathan on but the ride crashes, they survive but only just!

Enjoy!! xx -I had no idea for a title and I was listening to She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) and I thought why not use that so yeah :)

“Please guys, can’t I just stay at home?” Nathan pouted as he was being pestered, actually more like ordered, to get into the car as they were all going to a theme park for the day. Nathan had never liked rides and it wasn’t likely that he would in the near future so going to a theme park with massive scary rides only was kind of a bad move.

“Stop being a wuss, you’re coming whether you like it or not.” Jay said before dragging him out to the car, literally, Jay had hold of both of his hands and was dragging him out, despite his struggles.

Once put in the car like a disobedient seven year old refusing to go to school, he crossed his arms and didn’t say anything during the whole journey. He just didn’t see the point in going if he wasn’t going to go on any of the rides anyway.

When they eventually got there, they were all a bundle of excitement, apart from Nathan of course. As they went round the park, he kept his miserable face on as they travelled from ride to ride, some twice of course. Half way through the day, Max, Jay and Siva had gotten fed up of Nathan and had left Tom with him as they went on the rides again.

“Why don’t you like rides?” Tom spoke up and glanced at the younger one as they walked towards the food stalls.

Nathan shrugged as he followed Tom, “I don’t know, I just don’t.”

Tom frowned a little but then started smirking as he grabbed Nathan’s hand and pulled him towards the closest ride to them and pushed him into the queue, in front of him.

“Tom! I’m not going on!” Nathan frowned and tried to push past him but wasn’t as strong so didn’t succeed.

“But if you don’t know why you don’t like them then there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Tom said back which stopped Nathan struggling. Maybe Tom did have a point, he thought to himself as they got closer and closer to the front of the queue.

Just as they were about to get on Nathan started to get scared again. Shaking a little, he sat down next to Tom and bit his lip, patiently waiting for the ride to start then eventually finish. Tom sighed as he noticed Nathan shaking but smiled at him, giving him a little confidence.

“This is one of the smallest rides here, nothing to be scared of.” The younger one nodded and jumped a little as it started, making Tom chuckle at how scared he was. “I’ve been on enough to know there’s nothing to be afraid of.” He managed to say before being drowned out by screams of excitement and fear around them. As the ride went on, Nathan kept his eyes screwed shut and had a firm grip on the handle bars on the seat whereas Tom was screaming with joy as it went round.

It was too loud for them to hear the sound of the structure slowly splintering, not being able to take the weight anymore, it was too fast for them to notice the ride shaking slightly but it wasn’t for the people below. They saw everything. They saw the structure suddenly snap. They saw the carriage of people fall to the area closed off by fences. They saw the rest of the structure fall upon the now doomed people. Smoke filled the area as people crowded around the ride, wondering what the hell was going on, some people were screaming as they knew people on the rides and started to try pull the fencing away but it was no use.

Max, Jay and Siva heard the crash of the ride from a short distance away and ran over to the mob of people with different emotions.

“Guys, where are Tom and Nath?” Jay spoke up as he looked around for the missing two. Siva’s eyes suddenly widened as he looked towards the ride, he didn’t want to say it but he had that inner feeling of dread, hoping he was wrong but knew deep down he wasn’t. The other two soon picked up on and widened their eyes too before Max started screaming out for the two of them and ran through the crowds, shoving himself at the fence as Jay and Siva made their way towards him and dragged him away.

“Those fences are there for a reason, to stop people getting through, at least go find the staff gate or something.” Jay told him, trying to be the strong one even though he could potentially now be the youngest. Max nodded and they walked around the ride until they found the staff gate but yet again, it was secure. There was no way in.

Nathan slowly blinked his eyes open for the first time on the ride and looked around, all he could see was smoke. Looking down at the bars that held him in place, he shook them as violently as he could, considering he was quite weak, especially after the crash, until it finally opened. Slowly standing up he staggered a little and that’s when he noticed the cut in his leg, it must have been caused by the broken metal, he thought before he searched through the thick smoke around him until he found a glimpse of his older friend.

Stumbling over to him, he bit his lip as Tom had a hug metal pillar from the structure on top of him but not touching, just about an inch above his torso. One wrong move and it could fall; causing Tom’s almost certain death, if he wasn’t gone already. Somehow Nathan managed to shake Tom gently, avoiding the pillar and Tom slowly opened his eyes.

“W-what happened?” He said and looked up to Nathan, widening his eyes when he did. “N-Nath, you’re head.” He said quietly, fear evident in his voice, making him reach his hand up to his head and feel a gash from his hairline down to his temple. He winced a bit at the touch then looked back down at Tom.

“Don’t worry about me; we have to get you out.” He nodded which he regret after as it hurt his head more, he didn’t even realise it was hurting in the first place, probably because of the chaos around him distracted him.

Tom bit his lip as he looked down at the pillar hovering slightly over his torso and slowly moved his hands down to the bars, shaking them gently making them open with more ease than Nathan’s did.

“C-can you slide out of the side?” Nathan asked as Tom looked at the small gap before shaking his head.

“Nath, if I can’t get out, tell Kelsey I love her.” He said as his eyes started to fill with tears, the uncertainty of his survival getting too much for him.

“You won’t need me to because you’re going to be able to tell her yourself okay?” Nathan said back, before looking around for any way to move the pillar or lift it up. As he was looking around the sound of metal moving alarmed him and made him look back at Tom who had his eyes wide as the pillar had become closer to his body.

“N-Nathan, remember what I said.” He reminded the younger one before biting his lip and waiting for it to press heavily against him.

“I’ll get help!” Nathan said before running off, the best he could with his leg, hoping the others were around somewhere, and they were. He could hear the shaking of the staff gate as they tried to get in but he managed to open it easily with the bolts on his side of the door. He was suddenly embraced by three people hugging him. “N-no, we have to help Tom.” He said and led them to where Tom was. With the strength of all five of them, Max, Siva, Jay and Nathan lifting it up and Tom pushing it up, they managed to get him out, he had a few cuts and bruises but the only thing that was life threatening to him was now off him.

“Let’s get out of here.” And just as Jay said that, the emergency services came into the area, finally, and started helping the other people out which were cut off by another pillar. The five boys walked back out of the crashed ride, smiling happily that everyone was okay, or so it seemed. Nathan suddenly became very dizzy, with each step he took he felt like the whole world was shaking underneath him, sounds were either magnified or minimized and progressively his vision become more and more blurred before his legs gave way and he fell to the ground, getting the attention of everyone around him.

Cliff-hangers, don’t you hate them :( Even I don’t know what’s going to happen (part two is coming, of course)

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